Spring Upgrade Specials:

Rotary Heads: $35 (5 head minimum)
Spray Heads: $15 (7 head minimum)
Electric Valve (1″): $45 (2 valve minimum)
Wireless Sensor: $140
Replacing Controller/Clock: 30-50% off materials & labor depending on clock location

These are only for upgrading current equipment and are not for additions to systems.

Full Service Discounted Package

Our best value is the Discounted Package where we service your system three times per season.

  1. Spring Start-Up
    • System is checked for leaks, clogging, and wear.
    • Sprinkler heads adjusted if needed.
    • Clock and battery made sure to be in working order.
    • Pumps and filtering devices checked.
  2. Mid-Season Checkup
    • Clocks are checked and adjusted if needed.
    • Sprinklers checked for leaks, clogging, and wear.
  3. Winterization
    • Water and clock are shut off.
    • System is blown out with compressed air.
    • Minor adjustments made to sprinkler heads.
    • Batteries disconnected.
    • Existing problems will be made note of to be fixed in the spring.


Sign up for the Full Service Discounted Package for your property by:

  1. Filling out the Annual Service Agreement Online Form and submitting the proper payment by e-check or credit card. You will receive a confirmation email once this information has been received and processed.
  2. Downloading the Annual Service Agreement Form and mailing it to use with your payment enclosed to:
    152 Saratoga Avenue
    South Glens Falls, NY 12803
  3. Calling us at (518)745-7445 to speak with us about the package and a company representative can process your information over the phone.

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