Service Calls/Repairs

We service and repair all sprinkler brands. We specialize in:

  • troubleshooting low pressure
  • troubleshooting electrical problems
  • repairing broken heads
  • changing out electric valves
  • repairing broken pipes
  • troubleshooting pump systems

Annual Maintenance Packages*

1. Spring Start Up:

  • -We will check for leaks, clogging and wear.
  • -Sprinkler heads will be adjusted if needed.
  • -Clock & Battery made sure to be in working order.
  • -If needed, pumps & filtering devices will be checked.

2. Mid-Season Checkup:

  • -Clocks will be checked & adjusted if needed.
  • -Sprinklers will be checked for leaks, clogging and wear.

3. Winterization:

  • -Water and clock will be shut off.
  • -System is blown out with compressed air
  • -Minor adjustments made on sprinkler heads.
  • -Batteries are disconnected.
  • -Existing problems are made note of to be fixed in the spring.

All three of these services are available for one low, affordable price when you ask about our:Full Service Discount Packaged Deal

Full Service Discount Packaged Deal

**You also have the option to purchase these services in any combination to meet your needs.”

Our Winterization Postcard

Our Winterization Postcard


Winterization is the only must have maintenance required for a lawn irrigation system; and here at Garden Time, we guarantee the lowest cost for closing up your sprinkler system the right way.

“We are willing to sacrifice for the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.”